Jannel Rap, the FOUNDer of GINAAbout Us

Jannel Rap is a singer/songwriter in Southern California. She had no idea how much her life and focus could change overnight until her sister, Gina Bos, disappeared October 17, 2000. While looking for Gina and trying to gain media attention for her she FOUND that the doors were closed if there was no scandal, suspect or household name attached to a particular missing person. Jannel felt that not only was her sister valuable and worth the chance of being found, but that thousands of other missing persons in this country and beyond were valuable to their family as well. She had to do something. She learned from her father not to sit around and ask why, but to ask, WHAT CAN I DO?

Jannel strongly believes that we all hold a very valuable place in this world and doing our best to fulfill that spot gives others the chance to fulfill theirs. If everyone is doing and becoming what they were meant to be then, all this world's puzzle pieces fit together. FINDing missing persons is a puzzle that the families are many times left to solve on their own. Jannel's goal is to create a larger and larger puzzle piece that helps to bridge the gap between the families and educating the public about missing persons in their society and taking word to the local, regional, national and international public in hopes of bringing one home. All the while, hoping to help us all to focus on what we have FOUND in our lives!

Our Volunteer Staff:
  • GINA and SWT Artists: Without our volunteer army of artists, our reach would not stretch internationally.
  • Elijah Rap Cooper: Band member, all-around volunteer.
  • Tammy Smith: Tour manager for the Squeaky Wheel® Tour. Also helps to raise funds and creates designs for t-shirts and sweat shirts.
  • Annie WIlliams: Helps to organize and recruit artists for the Squeaky Wheel® Tour.
  • Carey Colvin: "Webgoddess," as one of our other volunteers so aptly named her. She gets in there and gets it done. Sometimes the job is enough for Superman, especially during SWT®, thus...webgoddess! Carey is also a GINA Artist.
  • Joe Lamanno: Joe is our overall fix-it man, musician, and driver.
  • David McNeil: Video camera help whenever needed, and photographs events.
  • Tyler Heckerman: One-half of our amazing video/editing crew that delivers top-notch videos.
  • Tayler Braasch: The other half of our amazing video/editing crew.

Our Board of Directors:
  • Patti Carter BishopPatti Carter Bishop

    Patti’s passion for Missing Persons began on December 27, 2000. Her Stepdaughter, Karen Jo Smith, was murdered, and to this day remains missing. They may have received a conviction for murder, and her killer is serving 95 years, but, she will never give up until we bring her home. As an experienced Board Member of 3 nonprofits, and 40 years’ experience as a Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor against Domestic Violence, and now 19 years with 3 Organizations for Missing Persons, she hopes to continue to bring awareness and change in the World of Missing Persons.
  • Cathy ColbyCathy Colby

    As a stay-at-home mom and now empty nester I was looking for things to do to work on me.  My decision to take voice lessons is what let me to the very talented Jannel. As we got to know each other we became friends and she opened her heart about Gina, her sister who went missing and her passion to help the families of others who are missing family members.  Listening to her passion and dedication to this cause, I couldn't help but want to contribute.  It is my privilege to play a part in helping Jannel help the families of those who are missing loved ones.  I cannot imagine the pain of missing a loved one and want to help these families get closure and bring the person they love home.  It is my hope that others will join us in this very important cause.

  • Ellen M. CorcellaEllen M. Corcella, J.D., M.T.S., M.Div.

    A former Prosecuting attorney in New York City and Indianapolis, Indiana, who successfully convicted Stephen Halcolm of the murder of Karen Jo Smith who went missing shortly after Christmas,  December 27, 2000.   Karen Jo has never been found, but Halcolm was convicted without a body and is serving a 95 year sentence.  The case is featured in Season Two of the broadcast Indy Justice.   An ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), she continues to serve the community as a Spiritual Advisor to the Palliative Care team at Eskenazi Health.  

  • Danielle KarberDanielle Karber

    A mother of two (almost three). Nurse for eight years. Nurse practitioner student. Advocate for the missing since my beautiful Aunt Gina went missing October 17, 2000.

  • Joe LamannoJoe Lamanno

    Joe has been a GINA volunteer for 20 years and a board member for 15 years. He is a musician and the spirit of what GINA’s mission is all about. He is always there to help when a need presents itself. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has served a variety of roles with his musical abilities. He played the bass in Clementine Band, The Turtles, The Association, and numerous other bands and projects. He is the backbone of GINA and has received the GINA ViRAGO Award for his outstanding long term commitment and contribution. 

  • Judy LamppuJudy Lamppu

    Judy has been writing lyrics since she was 9 years old.  Her work has been recorded by The Jackson 5, Nancy Wilson, Finnish Jazz star Bianca Morales, and many others, and she has also co-written songs for films and television specials.  As a screenwriter, her most notable credit is for a two-hour episode of “Columbo.” She’s a former board member of L.A. Women in Music, VP of Beem Records USA, and past VP of COSMO (Coalition of Songwriter & Musician Organizations.) Her articles have been published by Cycle News, Southern California Motocross, Billboard and Cash Box.  She was Executive Assistant for, among others: Doris Day, Vikki Carr, Herb Ross and more. She has worked for such notables as Richard Pryor, Dustin Hoffman, Spielberg’s A-Team, Frank Price, many major film producers and directors and major talent agencies such as ICM and William Morris.

  • Karen MitchellKaren Mitchell

    Karen is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and piano.  She has recorded five full length music projects.  Earlier in her career she toured the east coast, achieving regional success as a solo artist and with a local girl band. Recently she toured Southern California with Spoken For. Karen continues to devote time to songwriting, recording and travel. She has worked in education finance and holds a BA in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

  • Mika MoultonMika Moulton

    Mika has been an activist for change for over 25 years.  She has worked with state and federal legislators to guarantee a safer community for children, and advocated to ensure law enforcement has funding to include more parole and probation officers.  She has successfully lobbied congress to appropriate funds for the internet crimes against children task forces as well as the Adam Walsh act.  Mika contributed to an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the argument of DNA upon felony arrest and seen several other bills signed into law that create secure communities for our loved ones. She has recently retired as executive director of a nonprofit she founded to provide safety education and awareness for children and families.  She also serves on the board of directors for the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations. Mika has won numerous awards including but not limited to the People Magazine Heroes award, the Hope Collaborative Child Abuse Prevention award, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Outstanding Founder of a Nonprofit award, a California Woman of Distinction Award as well as numerous state and federal recognitions. Mika has appeared on numerous local and national radio and television shows to be a catalyst for change to create safer communities for all.

  • Shari PopovicsShari Popovics

    Shari was affiliated with a National organization as the North East Coordinator, she assisted over 3,000 caregivers of current or recently recovered missing and/or exploited children.  She currently specializes in training and equipping women to safely and confidently defend themselves and others. She resides in South Eastern Missouri with her precious family.


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