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Welcome! In the past, GINA offered the Songwriter Contest as a venue for songwriters to have their songs heard by industry professionals and the opportunity to win valuable prizes. The Contest was also a venue to bring visibility to a missing person or persons. Each Contestant was paired with a missing person or persons from their area, turning the spotlight not only on themselves and their music but also on the missing, giving those who have vanished another chance to be FOUND. Helping others through music is a mainstay in the entertainment industry, and GINA is proud to be a part of that tradition. The contest is currently on hiatus.

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Past Contest Winners

2017 Contest Winners
2016 Contest Winners
2009 Contest Winners
      • FIRST PLACE: Mark Wayne Glasmire | Song: You Opened My Eyes
      • SECOND PLACE: Aubrey Bouskill | Song: Wherever You Are Tonight
      • THIRD PLACE: Andy Hill / Renee Safie | Song: Waiting On A Train
      • Finalist: Karen Hart | Song: Mirabelle
      • Finalist: Arlene Kole | Song: One Day
      • Finalist: Skyeler Kole | Song: Miles Away
      • Finalist: Darius Lux | Song: World Keeps On Turning
      • Finalist: Midnight Blues Band | Song: Peeking Through Muddy Waters
      • Finalist: Tim Moyer | Song: Sister Sunshine
      • Finalist: Amy Raasch | Song: Alcatraz
2008 Contest Winners
      • FIRST PLACE: Gaby Moreno | Song: Song of You
      • SECOND PLACE: Arlene Kole | Song: Wherever You Are Tonight
      • THIRD PLACE: Mark Wayne Glasmire | Song: Do It All Again
      • Finalist: Julie Chadwick | Song: Even In Heaven
      • Finalist: Samatha Foggle | Song: Anywhere But Here
      • Finalist: Justine Willis | Song: Minocqua
      • Finalist: Manda | Song: Everything You Need
      • Finalist: Darius Lux | Song: Xtra Ordinary
      • Finalist: Olivea Watson | Song: Goodbye
      • Finalist: Andy Hill / Renee Safie | Song: Kids These Days
      • Finalist: Valerie Ahern | Song: Ghosts of 53
2007 Contest Winners
      • FIRST PLACE: Kelly Fitzgerald | Song: Summer Rain
      • SECOND PLACE: Gaby Moreno | Song: Bella
      • THIRD PLACE: Julie Chadwick | Song: Shelter
      • Finalist: Brad Colerick | Song: Come What May
      • Finalist: Marianne Allison | Song: This World
      • Finalist: Justine Willis | Song: Ordinary Day
      • Finalist: Amy Raasch | Song: Neverland
      • Finalist: Karen Hart | Song: Smooth Sailing
      • Finalist: Shanti | Song: Down
      • Finalist: Mica Lee Williams | Song: Water Fall
2006 Contest Winners
      • FIRST PLACE: Amy Raasch | Song: Missing
      • SECOND PLACE: Ronni Rae Rivers | Song: Janine, Care of the Stars
      • THIRD PLACE: Angela Latham | Song: The Sweetest Thing
      • Finalist: Lori Willcuts | Song: Grace is Waiting
      • Finalist: Lori Willcuts | Song: Beacon of Light
      • Finalist: Sons of Day | Song: Ocean's Deep
      • Finalist: Julie Chadwick | Song: I Do
      • Finalist: Brooke Beyen | Song: The Chance
      • Finalist: Mark Shimm | Song: Everytime I Turn Around
      • Finalist: Shanti | Song: Me and My Ronnie, Ay Ay Ay
      • Finalist: Kris Miller | Song: Brother's Keeper
      • Finalist: Tracy Newman and The Reinforcements | Song: Hands Off the Phone

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