The ViRAGO Award

ViRAGO AwardIn 2014, the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation determined that a yearly award should be given to those artists whose contributions most help to spotlight the missing during the year. The GINA ViRAGO Award is named after the first recipients and inspiration for the award, Maire Tashjian and Amy Schindler of ViRAGO. We looked up the meanings of ViRAGO, and there are many. The definition of ViRAGO that describes Amy and Maire is, A person or persons of extraordinary stature, strength and courage. Amy and Maire reached out across 3,000 miles to lend their support to a woman and a mission they had just learned of. They were so moved that they joined her to reach communities beyond all of them. They understood that every missing person was valuable and they created their own mission to create awareness through media, musicians and fundraising events in New Jersey.  They don't know it, but with their contribution and the support of the good people of New Jersey, lives of the missing and their families were changed throughout this country. Families that never had support in the past were heard for the first time, healed and newly inspired to create the kind of difference that Amy and Maire made. We love you so much, Maire and Amy! You inspire us all with your extraordinary stature, strength and courage and are pleased to offer this Award in your name.

The Recipients of the ViRAGO Award

  • 2022 ViRAGO Award
    Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts
    Governor RickettsGINA presented the 2022 ViRAGO Award to Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. Gov. Ricketts signed a proclamation declaring October 17, 2022 Nebraska Missing Persons Day and has brought attention to those missing in the state, as well as the plights of the families of the missing. We at GINA applaud and thank him for his focus and dedication.
  • 2021 ViRAGO Award
    Matt Holsen
    Matt HolsenThe 2021 ViRAGO Award was presented to Matt Holsen. In addition to his expertise in arranging, production, and composition as well as being a multi-talented performer, Matt's knowledge in the IT field that he has shared with GINA has become a valuable resource in keeping up with modern technology in the social media and Internet age.
  • 2020 ViRAGO Award
    Harriet Schock
    Harriet SchockGINA is pleased to announce that the 2020 ViRAGO Award was presented to multi-platinum songwriter and recording artist Harriet Schock. Harriet's 20 years of support and service to GINA and the cause of the missing exemplifies her empathy and dedication to those in need.
  • 2019 ViRAGO Award
    Joe Lamanno
    Joe LamannoGINA is pleased to announce that the 2019 ViRAGO Award was presented to Joe Lamanno. Joe is one of the most talented and dedicated members of our GINA family in his roles as overall fix-it man, musician, driver, moral support, and the list goes on. He is a musician and the spirit of what GINA’s mission is all about. He is always there to help when a need presents itself.
  • 2018 ViRAGO Award
    James & Maria Morris; Gina Miller
    James & Maria MorrisGina MillerGINA is pleased to announce that the 2018 ViRAGO Awards were presented to James Morris and Maria Morris, and to Gina Miller for their continuing dedication. They've shown a remarkable constancy in their respective missions to keep a spotlight on those who are missing.
  • 2017 Grand ViRAGO Award
    Carey Colvin
    Carey ColvinGINA is pleased to announce that the Grand ViRAGO Award was presented to GINA's own Carey Colvin. Her continued efforts and dedication to all things GINA and to the missing and their families is wholehearted.
  • 2017 ViRAGO Award
    Gina Miller; Randy Gore
    Gina MillerRandy GoreGINA is pleased to announce that the 2017 ViRAGO Awards were presented to Gina Miller and Randy Gore (Elijah's Sky). Their efforts to bring and maintain attention to the missing is inspiring and heartfelt.
2016 ViRAGO Award
Gina Miller
Gina MillerGINA is pleased to announce that the 2016 ViRAGO Award was presented to Gina Miller, Thank you, Gina, for all your hard work!
  • 2015 ViRAGO Award
    ViRAGO (Maire Tashjian & Amy Schindler)
    Maire Tashjian, Tim McLoone, Amy SchindlerGINA, with the generous help of Tim McLoone's Radio Show, is pleased to announce that the first recipients of - and the inspiration for - the 2015 GINA ViRAGO Award goes to Maire Tashjian and Amy Schindler of ViRAGO.

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